Monday, February 9, 2009

Friend Or Foe?

Everybody needs friends. The people whom we can communicate with. But who can we considers as friends. Hummm....when we talk about friends there's so much things to talk about. There's no prejudice and no difference. Until one day we open up our eyes and realise that the world not just black and white. It's not a problem to make friends nowaday...hummm..just one click you can find friends all over the world. We are born as "I" but we spend our time looking for friends who can we relate to, looking for our soulmates...looking for "us" to be "us". Friend is very important to make you feel better and can make you happy sharing a lot of time together.There's a lot types of friends out there...hummm...can u recognize that the person beside you friend or foe...I know everybody loves their friends...but sometime in relationship we need to do some sacrifice to make our life more diference and no no no....put your trust on your friends and share a lot of fantastic memories...It can make you feel better...but sometime our friend is our foe..stabbing from back and betrayal...talking bad behind you and always refuse to help you...arghhhhh....whatever...but I know everybody makes mistake but it is not the reason to hurt your feeling and make you feel dissapointed. I don't like this person. Only know the time to find your mistake and judge you. I am also have friends like this...when we are together I can feel that I am nothing to them...I love to be alone sometime...nobody can hurt my feeling, nobody can spoil my mood...I hate to tell about this but I have to...I am trying to please everybody and I know I am not such a perfect guy...but hell with it...I don't care...assalamualaikum and goodbye to him...I hope someday I will have a lot of friends and you too...daaaa..........adiosss

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  1. take care of urself..myb u will find someone as ur good friend..friends sometimes is needed but sometimes we needed a freedom..

    good luck!