Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little of me

Mohd Bakri bin Md Hanafiah...Simple name just like the person...simple and cheerful...Born on february 20, 1986....I'm simple malay guy who likes to meet all of you. Why do you look right through me. Thinking, no I can’t deny my feelings. I ’m shy person. Growing, strong I tried to keep believing, dreaming on...i hope every day to be better than the day before also wishing my life eternally precious.. I can't try to pretend I can't try to forget But it's drive me crazy, Going out of my head!! I have been very open about my life, my problems, and my successes.As of this update,I am not the person I was before. I have gained control over myself , and my emotions, I have quit blaming myself for most things, and quit blaming others for everything else. In my life, I don't have many friend but I want to...hummm...so difficult to mention about it...maybe sometime I will have a lot of friend.
Be a youngest children in my family is not easy...I have 4 siblings with a sister and two brothers...I really love my lovely Mom...but now i was pining for my late abah...he was dead on 31st July 2008...really miss him...my tears are dropping now...okey...I'll cut my chase now...I hope you will enjoy visiting my blog and let sharing....


  1. salam bak...tahniah coz dah ada blog..emm selamat menulis yer...blog tema apa ni?? apa pun hidup mesti di teruskan tanpa insan tersayang disisi.. aku yakin bak sudah matang untuk menerima kesedihan dalam hidup dan terus maju kedepan.. U i loVe..

  2. Thnx sbb bg support..love u...blog ni bertema kn kehidupan...n masih ada blom ada bahan untk dimaskkn dlm blog ni...tggu la tak lama lagi...latest post akan tertera di sini...hehehhehe