Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FED UP!!!!

People are often unreasonable, crossing the line, big headed, self-centered, illogical, goes overboard, too much, just forgive them anyway. The final analysis is between you and The Creator.

But from the bottom of my heart, i was disappointing really. I am trying to smile...but every smile really hurt...dalam hati tuhan saja yang tahu. i realised i was easily distracted. sorry guys for those yang maybe terasa~ i really didnt mean to.

Let begin the story how it happen...but actually i don't know where to start...first thing i am so grateful because i am given a good health and still can smile...haha...so boring reading this part huh???ok lah...i don't know what i should do with my students whose waking up late, created their own rules...they can go to school if they want to...so many chances i gave to them but they still doing the same thing...almost everytime...i am so sick of it....

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